Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Transforming" to 27

Today is actually Ryan's birthday, but yesterday we had a small party for him...Transformer theme to be exact! Isn't this how all 27-year old guys ring in the big day? All this was my idea. Ryan acted like he was annoyed with it, but I know he secretly liked it. ;) I could have gone to some crazy extent but all I did was order a cake and buy the plates and cups. My mom and her best friend even got him "kids'" birthday cards, and Jonna got him a Bumblebee matchbox car (which Autumn was really quick to steal). Ryan has threatened to give me a Titanic-themed party for my birthday in July and my response was "Please! I would love that!" :D If there was Titanic birthday stuff out there anyway. I'm sure he will think of something special for me when I turned the big 2-8.

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