Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where I've Been (Vaguely)

Hello all,
I know I said back in October I was on a bit of a hiatus, and I considered just totally abandoning. I haven't even logged onto Blogger since making my last post.  I got to thinking just today how much I enjoyed blogging and reading what everyone else was up to in the world of crafts, homeschooling, and just being a mom. I'd like to start posting again regularly but it will definitely be different. 

Under circumstances beyond my control, I found myself to be a single mom. It was blindsiding and utterly horrendous to say the least.  I won't go into the details, but I'm leaning on the Lord with all my might right now.  I am back in my hometown and looking for a full-time job.  Hannah is in enrolled in public school and considering the circumstances I am glad she has that to keep herself occupied.  She's doing very well and I noticed she was a little ahead in math already. ;) I will enrolled Autumn in PreK next year, and when I find a job she will stay with my grandma. I hope to just go back to posting about our every day lives and crazy things the girls do and to still incorporate homeschooling into our lives since I know it's more than the three R's. :)

I noticed all my followers are still here, and I thank you all for not deleting me after I hadn't posted for so long. :) God is good, and He will see me through this.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Hiatus

I love blogging about our everyday lives and homeschool experiences, and I am very humbled that people out there find my blog worth following. :)   I would have felt guilty for just disappearing off the face of the earth.  I was working on a post about our fall break when some rather serious personal issues came about.  It would feel strange to put on a happy face and blog about each week as if nothing were wrong, and I don't like air out personal problems.  I'm still going to sign on and check out what all you other fabulous homeschoolers are up to. :) Lots of prayers would also be greatly appreciated during this time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week in Review #46: Jj is for Jellyfish and Jellybeans

Jellyfish craft.  1/2 paper plate and crepe paper. Simple! :)
Sorting jellybeans...fine motor, hand/eye coordination,

Goldilocks and the Three Bears in
reverse :)

Autumn drew a face for the first time!
Pretty good!

Jj worksheets
This was a very simple week.  Aside from our rocky Monday, the rest of the week was very pleasant. Hannah got a B on her 4th math test.  I think that's more my fault because I print off her math in black ink to save on the color so she couldn't really tell the difference between the coins in the money section.  I think if there is a section with money I will print in color. Pennies aren't gray after all. :) 

I think I can declare Autumn about 50% potty trained! She's actually able to wear underwear around the house and stay dry for  the most part and tell me when she needs to go, but I have not ventured out without her in a pull-up although when we were at Kroger she asked to go potty even though she had a diaper on.  And she went!  I'm excited when the day comes I am officially not buying diapers for anyone! For the past six and a half years I have had someone in diapers! Autumn was a few months old when Hannah was officially potty-trainbed, so the diaper-wearing kind of overlapped. :)

Next week we will be on fall break.  I already feel relaxed just thinking about it.  I will have school stuff prepared in case the girls want to do some.  Also tonight I am picking up Ryan at the airport after two long months at the police academy!! He's been able to visit twice since being gone, but we haven't seen him in over a month.  We are all so ready for this to be done. Perfect timing for a break!

This post is linked up with the Weekly Wrap-Up.

Printables (not all are pictured)

Space Case math game - First Grade a la Carte
Letter Jj - 1+1+1=1
Letter Jj worksheet - Homeschool Creations
J is for Jesus - Christian Preschool Printables

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fly, Fly Away Butterfly

I got these wings for $3 at Goodwill! First Saturday of every  month is 50% everything and I highly recommend checking it out, but  that's a whole different post entirely. :)

Since the girls already have their Halloween costumes they are using them for dress up, but they are so nice I'm really hoping they don't tear them up.  Hannah's going to be a princess for Halloween so maybe we can just add the wings to make her a fairy princess. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I consider it all joy...sometimes

Consider it a great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. - James 1:2-3

I consider parenting a great joy in my life, but yesterday was one of the less than joyful moments.  Hannah was having some behavior issues, giving me an attitude when she was told to do something.  I said if she didn't straighten up she couldn't play soccer.

Long story short, I caught her slapping her sister and knew I had  to follow through.  I cannot describe how much I hated having to go through with this punishment.  I took no pleasure in it at all.  It was the last game and Hannah has been loving soccer.

At our Strong-Willed Child bible study last Wednesday, a woman in class talked about a friend's teenage daughter who got her car taken away for lying about where she was going to be one night.  This girl knew she would have her car back in less than a week, because her parents never followed through with any prior punishments.   I could have called off the punishment thinking I would go through with it the next time, but  it would no doubt have gotten harder and harder to do.  Before I know it Hannah and Autumn will be teenagers and well aware of the pushover I had become. I emailed her coach, and his wife responded saying she understood and respected my follow-through since so many parents don't do that.  I really appreciated that bit of encouragement.

I told Hannah I let her coach know she would not be at the game, and she acted like a big girl.  I was quite proud of her.  While at the time it was so hard to do, I have absolutely no regrets! I hope I can encourage all parents to follow through and make your statements more than just empty threats.  Your kids may claim to hate you, but they will come to respect you and definitely won't forget having to miss out on that one thing they love.

Week in Review #45: Ii is for Insects and Ice Cream

My star students :)
Even though we did an insect and ice cream theme last week, we had more fall activities than we did during F and H week! I guess the fall spirit is finally hitting me. :) The girls did have some hands-on insect activity (all done on their own :-p) through digging in the dirt in the flower bed.  I didn't mind since everything is starting to die. They are both intrigued by bugs.  Crazy girls. 

Hannah started adding double-digits this week. When I saw it coming up in her book I really dreaded it, but it hasn't been too bad. You just have to break it down little by little--add the tens place and then the ones place. Not so bad.  We finished up Venus in astronomy.  Our next lesson is the moon, which I'm going to wait on because I want it to coincide when we do the letter M. :) Until then we can focus more on other subjects, possibly get a little ahead.

The week's activities:



cutting practice...getting better!!

We made a chain counting down the days
when Ryan comes back.  This is 10 days and
now there is only 4!!! :-D

A pic that wouldn't cooperate :P These are fall trees. The
trunk and branches are hands and forearm and then they
finger painted the foliage using red, yellow, and orange

fall sensory bin

ice cream letter  match
safety first in soccer


Insect cutting strips...these can be done simply with
paper, a sharpie, and stickers.  Super easy to include
in any theme, or use your kids' favorite characters! :)

Hannah wanted to have a picnic in the yard for lunch on
Thursday :)
This week we are working on Jj, and so far everything is going very well.  Yesterday was a bit bumpy (more on that later...oy), but Ryan will be home on Saturday so this week can't be anything but good!!

Printables (not all are pictured)

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop - Insect Activity Pages (these are all black and white which I fully appreciated! I cut all the activities and stapled them together to make little booklets.)
Lanternfish - Letter Ii worksheets
2 Teaching Mommies - Bee worksheets
2 Teaching Mommies - Ice Cream worksheets
Homeschool Creations - Fall Fun Learning Pack

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shopping Trip 9/27

Wow, it has been too long. I've really been slacking in my couponing.  I cleaned out my binder yesterday and it was not pretty. Yesterday was the last day of the Buy 10 Save $5 sale at Kroger (the new ad here starts over on Wednesday as opposed to Sunday). The kids went to a friend's house (thank you Aprill!!!) so I was not distracted by them fighting over the steering wheel in those ridiculous carts with the cars attached (I'm sure I'm not the only parent who would welcome an armed robbery at that point.  Take me! Take me! :-p).

1-Digiorno pizza
1-California Pizza Kitchen
2-Yoplait Kids yogurt
1-Lucky Charms cereal bars
1-Starbucks VIA instant coffee
1-Fiber One brownies (these are awesome!)
2-Multigrain Cheerios
4-Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
1-Marcal Small Steps napkins
1- Reach Floss (FREE!)
1-Heinz Ketchup
1-Schick Mens' razors
1-Schick Quattro razors
2-Lady Speedstick deodorant
1- 3pack Horizon chocolate milk
1-Febreze Set and Refresh
2-Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles
3-bags of Fun Size candy bars (bought for the church's fall festival...I better take them tonight or they will be eaten! Just saying ;-D)

Retail: $98.02 +tax
Paid: $39.90 +tax
59% savings!

This  must be the high those selfish hoarders people on Extreme Couponing are talking about. I'm anxious to try that Starbucks...hope it's good. :)


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